About Us2

Swiss Quality and experience, since 1900

HUGGENBERGER AG is a boutique Swiss company specialized in the development and production of high-precision measurement system for dams and engineering structures. Founded in 1900 by the namesake, the Company was able to establish itself as a specialist for the instrumentation of dams with the first project of the Schräh dam (Wägi Valley, Switzerland – at 111.6 m the world’s highest hydro dam at that time). Since then, over 400 dams worldwide were equipped with HUGGENBERGER instruments.
Today, HUGGENBERGER AG is successfully active on all 5 continents.

Our Vision 

Renewable energy sources, engineering buildings heritage, interconnected and smart facilities: the World is seeking for data to improve safety and to extend lifespan of infrastructures. 
Structural monitoring is just the first and thus the most important step to take. A mandatory tool in order to improve awareness of the construction’s behavior.

Our Mission 

A passion for detail is the basis for the Swiss precision culture. We want to study the right solution for each project, bringing passion to details at the service of Infrastructure
We strive to provide top quality instruments and services, with no compromises. 
This is what we do since ever. 

Instrumentation, data acquisition and monitoring systems

The product range comprises mechanical and electronic sensors as well as measuring instruments for use in safety-related monitoring and inspection of civil engineering works. Through specific and ongoing development of our own products, combined with the purchase of highly-developed components, we guarantee continued extensions and updates of the range of measuring systems. In line with our commitment to “Tradition & Innovation”, HUGGENBERGER AG always provides top quality measuring solutions, based on advanced technologies and optimally tailored to local conditions for applications such as

■ Dams
■ Power Plants
■ Anchoring
■ Rockslides, Landslides
■ Tunnels, Highways and Bridges
■ General Civil Engineering Works

Well known, and yet always new
In the world of civil engineering works, no project is like another, and each seemingly familiar problem requires a situation-related risk assessment and individual approach to the solution. Equally unique are the safety and monitoring concepts for the individual structures, which always require an individual instrumentation solution.

Unique physical measuring solutions – Swiss made

Here HUGGENBERGER AG presents itself as a competent partner for customized instrumentation solutions. 
All necessary instruments are built with passion and comprehensive know-how to reliably measure and display longitudinal, inclination, force or pressure variations. Our products and systems are mainly used to monitor large structures such as hydro dams, tunnels or construction wells. Due to our good reputation, extensive experience and local presence through representatives in more than 20 countries, HUGGENBERGER AG succeeds in being active on all five continents.

Range of services of HUGGENBERGER AG

The services offered range from consulting, through development and production to assembly, commissioning and training for an instrumentation solution. In this way, HUGGENBERGER AG is able to offer a comprehensive solution from a single source – from a single sensor to the monitoring of a working joint or a network-based, automated measuring system:

  • On request, we will advise project-managing engineers or a client in their planning of the instrumentation
  • Development, production and tailoring of the measuring devices (sensors, cables, measuring instruments, etc.)
  • Installation of the measuring systems (excluding the works required on the actual construction), commissioning and training.

HUGGENBERGER AG – your reliable Partner for the
Physical Security Monitoring of Engineering Structures.
Since 1900.