Load cell


The load cell PRE is an electrical transducer for the measurement of forces. It is mainly used to monitor anchor forces, in conventional and in prestressed structures (of any type). A load cell can also be used in other applications such as for anchor load testing, as well as lifting and load distribution on large containers. 

For manual measurement the user friendly readout unit Indipoc is used to display the load directly in kN. Due to its standard signal remote measurement is easily possible.A permanent load should not be more than 80% of the load cells nominal capacity (FS). For a short period the load cell may be loaded up to 110% of its nominal load without zero point shifting. The more rigid the supports (below and above of the load cell) the better the precision.


The load cell PRE is designed for the use on construction sites. Basically it is maintenance free, splashproof, temperature compensated and of robust mechanical design. 

Strain gauges are applied in a temperature compensated arrangement directly on a thermically treated steel cylinder. When a load is applied, a change in resistance on the strain gauges results due to the deformation of the steel cylinder.The electrical signal is adjusted in order for the actual load to be read directly in kN on the readout unit. 

Load cells PRE
Load cell PRE 1000/100/80 monitoring a retaining wall