Wireless monitoring


Low power, long range data acquisition with remote connection.

The WR LOG, wireless monitoring system, is composed by a number of nodes to which instruments are connected and a gateway, communicating with nodes through long range radio (LoRa-protocol).
Nodes are configured through an Android APP while the gateway includes an on-board a web server for the set-up.
The WR LOG system is a low power consumption system that can reach up to 10 years battery life.
Distance between node and gateway can arrive up to 15 km. Data can be retrieved from the gateway through FTP upload or access through a REST API; remote connection to gateway is allowed for data download and set-up.


  • Long-range communication of over 15km
  • Truly low-power, 10 years of unattended runtime
  • Wireless LPWA communication
  • Supports most structural and geotechnical instruments
  • User-friendly web software