Telelot VDD2-3 V4


The Telelot VDDxx measures automatically, contactless and continuously the pendulum wire coordinates within a range of 150 x 60 mm.


The Telelot is installed in a splashproof and corrosion-resistant housing. Diodes and shadow sensors are protected from external influences, without the use of optical lenses. An internal heating system prevents condensation within the instrument.

Light sources cause a shadow of the pendulum wire which is detected by bright-dark sensors. The exact position of the pendulum wire is determined from the position of the light sources and the shadow focal points.

The instrument can be installed without removing any parts of a pendulum system. Installation and alignment are easily accomplished thanks to the universal support system.

The instrument is delivered with digital and analog signal output. Configuration is effected by a PC via RS232 interface. All cable connections are plugged by special connectors at the lower side of the instrument.