Teletensometer TTP


Teletensometers TTP are used to measure movements of joints, cracks and rocks as well as of rod extensometers or to measure linear displacements in earth dams, at slopes and rocks or at pressure pipes and so on.


The Teletensometer TTP50 is a linear displacement transducer with 50 mm measuring range. Depending on the application various accessories like fixations, bending elements and so on are available.

Variant: TTP50F with pre-tensioned spring calliper.

The Teletensometer TTP300 consists of a linear displacement transducer with 300 mm measuring range (built in a robust and watertight body), the elongation rods and the anchoring plates for the application in earth dams; or of a linear displacement transducer, elongation rods, fixations for instrument and rods for measurements on surfaces.

Customer specific adaptions on request.